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2011-Dec-30 - blonde pictures

This is a nice place.” Steph said as she gazed around at the opulent decorations of the restaurant. Styled in early 1900’s art deco, the furnishings, artwork, and decorations were all authentic to that period but, they were blended with modern work as well taking away the garish nature and making the place look timeless. “I hope the food is as good as the decorations.” Bruce said in a half whisper and laughed quietly. Steph nudged him and they smiled. “It will be.” She said with a mischievous glance. “Trust me, I hear the food is the best here.” Bruce wanted to ask more but the maitre’d arrived Hard Core Porn to show them to their table. He was a snooty stuffed shirt type who had much to high a value on himself. They exchanged glances that said what an ass they thought he was and had to stifle snickers. They followed him but, Bruce noticed that Steph walked slowly, like she had been working out hard and stiff and sore. He gave her a questioning look but, she pushed him in front of her and continued on to the table. They slid into a booth at the back of the restaurant like they had requested and they maitre’d gave them their menus and walked away. They looked at the menu for a second and then Bruce put his menu down. “Steph? Everything OK? You walked sorta stiff back there.” She smiled again that mischievous smile and took his hand. “Everything is fine baby.” She gave him a light kiss and turned her attention back to the menu. “What’cha gettin?” She asked. Bruce thought about pursuing his questioning further but decided against it. A: He didn’t want to annoy her and B: he wasn’t all that sure he wanted to know the truth. He looked back at the menu, “I think I am in the mood for steak.” “Mmmmm… meat.” Steph said with a giggle and licked her lips. Bruce was now certain he was in for some sort of trouble during dinner. Steph had a way of making such fun trouble he loved it. But she always seemed to do it at the oddest times and always in public. The waiter came and they ordered dinner and wine but, Steph told him not to get any appetizers. This was sort of odd as she usually didn’t like to wait all the time for dinner without something to munch on but, Bruce didn’t argue, he ordered and then sat back and waited for the wine. “You know,” Steph started, “Maybe we should have gotten an appetizer after all baby. Something to munch on.” Great, he thought, now she decides. “Let me get Adult hard Porn the waiters attention then.” Bruce said in an obviously annoyed tone. “No… no… no… never mind.” She picked up her purse. “I think I have some crackers in here anyway. “Your not going to eat crackers in a restaurant baby, if you want something we’ll get it.” Bruce said scanning the room for the waiter. “Where the fuck did he go?” “Oh wait… here comes the wine.” Steph said as she saw the wine steward arriving at their table. “Maybe wine will do.” Bruce looked at her and was now certain something was up but, he let it go while the wine steward was there. The bottle was presented and it was very good. He tipped the man and as he walked away Bruce turned back to Steph. “I can get the…” Bruce started and then let the words trail off. Steph was chewing on something and smiling. “What are you eating?” He asked her. “Nothing.”
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2011-Dec-30 - interracial porn

The day after my second date with Alyssa I was supremely thrilled about all the possibilities in fulfilling both our fantasies. There were numerous scenarios floating in my head with one just as good as the other. I called Ally at work and laid out the evening. “Are you there slave”, I asked. In a decidedly excited tone she responded, “Yes master, oh yes, thank you for calling. How can I serve you? “Tonight you will wear the tightest dress you have. I want everyone to see how beautiful you and your curves are. Next, wear the stilettos I saw in your closet. No bra and no panties either, in case I want to have my way with you, anywhere and everywhere!” “But I don’t know if…”, “No buts! You will do as you are You Porn told. If you were uncomfortable with situations like this in the past you’d better enjoy them now. Remember, I still must decide if you are worthy enough to be my slave and the word “but” will not endear you to me.” Alyssa answered apologetically, “Master, I am so sorry that I have already put doubt in your mind as to my worth. Please do not think that anything you say will not be followed through. I am here to serve you and fulfill all your wishes and desires. I will do as I am told.” I still couldn’t believe what was going on. This smokin’ hot babe was under my complete control. It was my job to lead us through each sexual situation to benefit us both. This was the first time I’d really had a loyal and willing subject. I could tell by the tone in her voice and her mannerisms in our two previous meetings that she loved it. It was only a matter of time that we would be crossing more sexual boundaries together. When I got to her place and she opened the Porno door I was transfixed by her amazing beauty. Her dark outfit did not hide any curves. It fit her body to a T as I could see the full outline of her 34B tits and rock hard nipples that poked through the fabric. The back of her dress left no doubt as to her not wearing any panties. The stilettos she wore were sexy as fuck even as she lost her balance a little trying to stay erect. My initial reaction like the “old” me was to bend her over a table and pound the living fuck out of her. Instead, I refrained and stayed in complete character as the best thing for the both of us. “So far so good slave; I have brought something for you as a reward for the other night.” I unveiled enough string to tie her hands behind her back. The tying of her hands behind her back served two purposes. One, it was to keep her restrained because I knew she got off on that, giving up total control. Second, the bounding jutted her melons out even farther making her even more irresistible. “Oh master, thank”, “SILENCE,” I burst forth loudly. “You are not to speak right now unless spoken to. I am going to tie your hands together for tonight. You are not to get out of them under any costs.”
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2011-Dec-30 - lady sex tube

When we finally cooled down all 20-25 people applauded our steamy show. I waved to the crowd to acknowledge their appreciation as Ally had both her cum and mine dripping down her thighs. I was not to clean it off as it was a constant reminder of the intense passion we shared. I turned to her and said, “Once again you are a good and loyal slave willing to undergo different experiences to please her master. You are to be commended.” “Thank you master; ohhh thank you so much. I am honored to please you and help you fulfill your desires. You make me very happy.” With that, I held Ally’s head in my hands and kissed Sex Tube her passionately. Our tongues jostled with each other as her body was still slightly shaking in the afterglow of our public display. I ran my hands down her back and rested on that incredible ass as I grabbed handfuls of flesh before raising up her skirt again and slapping her butt cheeks. Ally gasped each time as she was still so fucking horny it was unbelievable. I gave her about 5 good hard smacks much to her utter delight. As I positioned her glutes in the light I could see it was starting to redden. I proceeded to give her 5 more to gauge her reaction. Her derriere was now a glowing red as Ally enjoyed every minute. I grabbed her ample tit and kissed her with longing again which she responded to just as much. “Slave, you have done well so far but don’t be surprised by anything. This spanking was just to make sure you understood that you were still my slave and I don’t want you to become complacent in your actions and feelings. Understood?” “Absolutely master, please…please. I don’t want to do anything to make you feel bad. I am here for you master. I am always here. Thank you for your obedience.” As we turned to head back up onto Sunset Hot Adult there was still one crowd member that hadn’t left the scene. It was a redhead in about her early twenties who was clearly eager to talk to both of us as we approached. “Hello, my name is Mandy and I admit I’m a bit nervous in saying this but I enjoyed you both so much. I’ve always secretly desired about being in this type of relationship but I’ve never been with someone to take me to this level. Can you please help me?” I wasn’t sure how Ally would react until I agreed to let her speak and she said, “Master, we need to help her in any way we can. Please?” My mind was racing with all new scenarios now involving two slaves. I couldn’t wait to see what was next in store for all three of us.
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2011-Dec-30 - adult cinema

On the heels of Alyssa’s erotic explosion before our food arrived, we sat and had a peaceful relaxing dinner where I was true to my word. I fed her and gave her wine to drink while our waiter acted as if he couldn’t believe what he was watching. My submissive hottie with her large knockers and hard nipples sticking out had her arms behind her for all to see. Ally was very content as she looked at me with loving eyes and a smile that couldn’t be erased. Even when she had to go to the bathroom Free Teen Porn we made our way through the restaurant with many eyes glancing in our direction. I went with her into the bathroom and into a stall much to the astonishment of the women in there. Once Ally finished, I cleaned her up a little and we strolled back to our table as my left arm hooked into the area created with her right arm tied up. People were again amazed by what they were witnessing. The manager of the restaurant even came over and said some people were complaining. I assured him nothing was wrong and got Ally to vouch for her complete approval of our sexy game. This made Ally even more excited to know that we were on the thoughts of practically everyone in the place. She loved being on display and especially the attention it created. Once we finished dinner I gave the waiter a fat tip for serving us and not making any mention of our situation. As we walked out we were the hot topic as everyone couldn’t take their eyes off my baby and me. Going down the street it seemed like everyone turned around to notice us and Ally’s bubble ass that stuck out from her tight garb. More and more I was getting increasingly horny at how Ally was so into this. I was aching to drop my load so we took a little detour down the next cross street. It wasn’t as lit as the main drag but people could definitely see what was going on. I lifted up her skirt as we walked away Free Adult from Sunset a little and her bare ass was on full view. I rubbed her ass with my right hand and felt how incredibly drenched her pussy was. For those that walked by we were in plain sight as I unzipped and positioned her facing Sunset Blvd. I plunged my cock in and she let out a loud groan that turned me on to the fucking hilt. I didn’t waste any time nailing my gorgeous slave as I reached around to cup her bouncy globes.
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2011-Dec-30 - teen porn babes

I stood, naked, in front of mirror, amazed by what I saw. My breasts seemed to have grown over night, to twice their normal size. I had always had big tits, but this was damn near unbelievable! My nipples were elongated, a full half an inch longer than they had been when I went to bed the night before and my tits looked as though they were about to explode…felt like it, too. My milk had come in, just as the midwife had told me it would. My breasts were engorged and it fucking hurt. I stared in continued amazement at their size and fullness. My tit flesh was milky white and the blue veins seemed to pop out. My breasts burned and ached in a way I had never experienced. Staring at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t help but run my hands over my erect nipples. They were rock hard. I ran my finger tips over my nipples again, this time causing a sensation I had never felt…a tingling in each of my breasts. I had no sooner felt what I remembered must be the let down reflex, as milky white liquid began to drip from my hard nipples. I cupped each of my aching tits and walked back to Free Sex Moive the bedroom, unsure about what to do. My newborn baby was being cared for by a hired nanny. Should I go and find them? Should I try to go back to sleep? I couldn’t do the latter… my breasts were now screaming in pain, having been relieved of the tiniest bit of milk, they wanted to be relieved of more. I decided to find the nanny and my son to begin nursing him, as had been my wish. I was just about to wrap my robe around me when my husband stirred in our shared bed and woke, to find me halfway out the door. My husband is also my master. I have been his submissive wife and sex slave since our courtship began almost three years before. I continued to serve him after we married and in return, he treated me well, providing me with nearly everything I could want or need. “Where are you going this early in the morning?” he asked. I looked down at my feet, as was my habit when Teen Porn addressing my master and answered, “To find nanny.” “What the fuck for?” he growled. I opened my robe to expose my naked body in response, sure that my over full breasts would answer for me. “Get back into the bed, bitch.” I started to object but knew better of it.
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2011-Dec-30 - orgasm pictures

We all stood for a moment before I excused myself and returned to the kitchen to finish up the dessert. Daddy showed Mike around our new house, introduced him to our Nanny and our son before finally settling down in the living room. Daddy called to me a few minutes later, asking me to join them. I was surprised by the invitation (usually Daddy kept me apart from his friends) but pleased to be included. I sat next to my husband on the sectional and he instantly placed his arm around me, never taking his eyes off of Mike and not once breaking the conversation which seemed to center around the construction of our home and the upcoming construction of Mike’s vacation house. I silently wondered why Daddy had called me into the room when clearly I wasn’t going to be included in the conversation when I felt his hand gently stroking my breast. I glanced at him but he paid me no attention. The stroking gradually turned into petting and before I could excuse myself to leave the room, I felt the let down reflex in my breast as milk made it’s way down and a small wet spot appeared on my shirt. I shifted my position in an attempt to either Porno Tube leave and cover myself or slightly conceal the wet spot my tit milk had made. I felt myself blush at the same time that Daddy grabbed my tit to hold me in place. I sat back, stiffly and his hand went from petting to squeezing, the milk flowing out now and the wet spot on my shirt growing larger and larger. The milking felt good, especially since Daddy hadn’t suckled me since before he left to fetch Mike. My tits were overfull of fresh milk and the release was welcome but highly embarrassing. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts of embarrassment and escape that I didn’t notice the pause in conversation. I glanced up at Mike who was staring at my leaking breasts at the same time I heard Daddy speak. “My bitch is in milk. Has been for a while now. Sometimes her tits leak when they’re too full. She can be a bit of a messy slut.” He laughed. Without taking his eyes off of my dripping breasts and the ever increasing soaking of my blouse, Mike said, “Maybe we should let you go to feed the baby.” I was about to agree (even though the feeding of my son was taken care of by his Nanny) just to escape the room but Daddy answered for me. “No need, Mike, no need. These milk jugs aren’t for Adult Pornography the boy. They’re for me. Muriel feeds me whenever and wherever I want.” And with that, Daddy abruptly ripped open my blouse, exposing my engorged tits, strained against my nursing bra, practically bursting out. I had leaked so much milk, my bra was completely soaked and my huge, dark nipples and areola were visible through the white, wet fabric. “Want to see?” Daddy asked. “Muriel doesn’t mind, do you honey?” I shook my head, no even though every part of me wanted to run away. I knew better than to argue with Daddy. And besides that, I was sure that Mike would refuse.
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